5 Tips for the Advanced Brewer

5 Tips for the Advanced Brewer

Photo by Stephanie Staton
To brew a flavorful beer, use specialty yeasts suited to the type of beer you’re making.

If brewing beer is more than just a passing fad on your list of hobbies, consider upping the ante on your product with these flavor-boosting tricks and tools. While they cost a little more than the standard brewing ingredients and materials, Tony Aiken, former president of Brewers of Central Kentucky, considers them invaluable additions to the brew master’s toolbox.

  1. Use a wort chiller instead of bagged ice for cooling. It’s faster with less risk of contamination when used correctly.
  2. Process the entire batch in a full-sized, 10-gallon kettle. You can convert an old keg or order specialty kettles with burner stands for processing full batches of beer.
  3. Use specialty yeasts suited to the type of beer (ale, lager or stout) being brewed.
  4. Filter your water prior to boiling to reduce the risk of contamination and up the flavor quality.
  5. Don’t order liquid yeasts when the outside temperature is 85 degrees F or higher, and only purchase yeast from retailers who store it in refrigerated areas.

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